Çarşamba, Eylül 29, 2004


ben araba aldiiiiim. tarabya-taksim arasinda, bogazda, özellikle taskisla civarinda, yada istanbul'un herhangi abuk bi yerinde gezinen kirmizi bir ford ka gorurseeniz o benim iste.
hemen bi araba testi de yapıverdim:
Avsar, your driving fantasy is The Autobahn

You've got a need — a need for speed. For you, road trips are more than a way to get from here to there. Driving, like those who've traveled Germany's famed no speed limit roadway know, is a way to test the road and engage in your surroundings. You appreciate the finer points of driving — like the curve of the road, the performance of the car, and all the nuances of true skill behind the wheel. You're a driver's driver, so when it comes to dream destinations all you need is a great car and road cool enough to test your reflexes and escape your daily hassles.

But once you arrive at your dream destination, you're sure to embrace it like you embrace the road — wholeheartedly with a sense of adventure and panache. Some say getting there is half the fun. And you agree, so long as you get there in record time and record style.

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