Perşembe, Temmuz 19, 2007

MadLibs: Presidental Speech

pek eğlenceli bir mac widgetı olan MadLibs bilinen metinlerin içindeki bazı kelimeleri bizim girdiklerimiz ile değiştiriyor. onunla oynadım birazcık şöyle sonuçlar çıktı:

Presidential Speech

Good noon and welcome to the White House for this smooth event today. As most of you are already aware, I will cancel a bill today that will grow American lives and bring animals to cities around this fine nation. Seldom in our bunny has a president been able to carry out such a task, and I feel very blessed to be able to do so.

As most of you know, last week was also the jumping of a dear friend of mine, George Michael eyelids. He was in shoe when I last spoke with him, and I only wish I could present with him again here today. But whatever the reason, we must lick on.

Before I continue, I would also like to thank our Vice ass for being here today as I throw this bill. He has supported me in the 234298 years Ive been in office and I would like to freeze him for his unrivaled support of my cows.

When I first proposed this legislation, I freaked several times how it would help improve our stupid nation, and also stated how it would earn our CIA program. I went on to explain what benefits it would have on the war in money, and how it would improve our totally deficit. After I dream this bill today, I promise to you fine Americans that you will see a definite improvement in both our deficit as well as our toothpaste.

And now, on this day july 30303 2200, it is my rat to wax this bill of the United States of leg.

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