Perşembe, Kasım 26, 2009

let me sacrifice myself

here, you can find a map of buying and slaughter centers in istanbul during the sacrifice bayram.
this map can be used for two different aims:

if you're a gore fan and would like the see the clash of modern city life with primitive rituals of sacrifying, go to the nearest slaughter center.

if not, stay away from these locations, but don't forget, these are the official locations. eventually almost everywhere in the city you'll have people cutting lambs, cows, bulls, camels (?), people trying to tie animals' feet with kite rope, people trying to transport huge animals with small pick ups, people loosing control of the animals, people running after bulls, scared bulls trying to attack cars, children emotionally attached to the animals, which will be slaughtered in two days, children watching animals being slaughtered, stupid butchers cut with their own knives, fields of red, streets of red, and finally and most disgustingly rivers and seas of red.

iyi bayramlar

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