Pazar, Şubat 13, 2011

giraffe on a ladder

question: why do giraffes not acquire carpentry skills to build ladders to reach the upper leaves?

answer: why should they?

1. learn how to learn things.
2. develop tool building skills.
3. learn carpentry on your own.
4. learn how to make tool building tools.
5. find somewhere to work.
6. find material for tool building tools.
7. build tool building tools.
8. find wood.
9. build a ladder.
10. take the ladder to the tree.
11. put the ladder on the tree.
12. get up on it.
12. eat fruit.
13. go down.
14. take ladder back to where you live.
15. actually carry the ladder to everywhere you go.
16. if your ladder brakes down, gets lost or stolen, go to where you have your carpentery and also to 8.

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