Cuma, Şubat 17, 2006


bakalım kopyala-yapıştır dehası rjd2 hangi şarkının neresini nereden almış, daha fazlası için başlığa tıklayabilirsiniz. hiç olmayacak şeyler var içerisinde, hayret ve takdir ettim kendisini.
Nearly complete list of samples:
(rjd2 track, element) - original artist - song

(Smoke & mirrors Intro lyrics) - Marion Black - Who knows
(chicken-bone circuit, talking) - lovage - tea time with maseo
(f.h.h.) - mystic moods orchestra - universal mind
(final frontier, strings) - yes - roundabout
(final frontier, vocals) - evelyn 'champagne' king - the show is over
(find you out, main sample) - tyrone davis - a woman needs to be loved
(ghostwriter) - elliot smith - i didn't understand
(ghostwriter) - walter carlos - time steps
(ghostwriter, horns) - betty wright - secretary
(ghostwriter, violin) - william tell - overture
(here's what's left) - david matthews - silent running
(here's what's left, vocals) - the intruders - memories are here to stay
(june & salud, background) - samson and delilah & the boss city people - there's a dj in your town
(june, guitar)
(let the good time roll) - brian auger - tiger
(let the good times roll pt. 2) - brian auger & the trinity ft. jule driscoll - tiger
(rain) - cannonball adderley - dat dere
(rain, intro) - pink floyd - echoes
(rain, piano) - bobby timmons - dat dere
(rain, vocals) - astrud gilberto - the gentle rain
(shot in the dark, piano) - the incredible hulk - the assassin
(silver fox, vocals, music) - quincy jones - behold, the only thing greater than yourself
(silver fox, vocals, music) - the manhattans - follow your heart
(smoke & mirrors, drums) - steppenwolf - jupiter child
(smoke & mirrors, vocals) cris williamson - waterfall
(the chicken-bone circuit, drums) - mongo santamaria - cold sweat
(the horror) - first moog quartet - hey hey
(the horror) - gershon kingsley - hey, hey
(the horror, horns) - scooby doo theme
(two more dead, horns) - billy eckstine - third child
(two more dead, intro) - syl johnson - concrete reservation
(work, organ) - grover washington jr. - the black frost
(work, vocals) - alvin robinson - something you got

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