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dijital arkeoloji: firilens

freelance çalışmak gibisi yok doğrusu. mis gibi...diye düşünüyor olabilirsiniz. ama kazın ayağı pek öyle değil malesef. bu haftaki dijital arkeoloji çalışmaları kapsamında 2005 yılından bir mail geliyor. serbest çalışmanın iyi yanları kötü yanları:

Pro:      You get to do the jobs you love and can turn down ones that don’t fit.
            You can work in your pajamas
            No commute (if you work from a home office)
            You get to wear many different hats: accountant, salesperson, designer, etc.
            If there is no work to do, you can be done for the day, not sit and check email or whatever you do if you are      ‘           'done’ but pretending to work.
            You can visit the doctor or grocery store and run errands midweek and avoid crowds.
            You can write off any/all design related purchases.
            You can take vacation whenever you want.

Con:     You have to wear too many hats! You don’t get to just do what you do best, which is, hopefully, design
            Very little social interaction. I worked from home for 3 years and it got old, fast.
Learning from others: a work situation where you interact with people day to day offers a multitude of learning opportunities. As a freelance designer, you can learn from each project, but not from the ambient room experience and day to day interactions as much.
Steady pay! It’s nice to know you will have continuous income and benefits.
You have to buy all of your supplies, computers, etc.
You never take a vacation because you are afraid you’ll never get another client.

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