Perşembe, Ağustos 06, 2009

in the white darkness

"in the white darkness" Reiner Strasser tarafından yapılmış hafıza üzerine etkileşimli bir çalışma. başlığa tıklayarak web sitesine ulaşabilirsiniz.

The work was created by Reiner Strasser in collaboration with M.D. Coverley (Marjorie Coverley Luesebrink) over a period of 9 months in 2003/04.
It assimilates and reflects the experience with patients fallen ill with Alzheimer's or Parkinson's diseases, showing the fragility and fluidity of memory from a subjective point of view.
„It was not the erasure that mattered so much as the act of trying to recover what we no longer can identify.“ (M.D. Coverley)
From the pulsing dots of the background-interface different events can be started, played (and combined). In this process the experience of remembering and loss of memory can be re-created in the appearance and disappearance of words, pictures, animations and sounds. Memories (readable with a general metaphorical meaning) are unveiled and veiled in transition at the same time, arranged by or using your own memory.

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