Pazartesi, Ağustos 16, 2010

100 kişiye sorduk

100 kişiye sorduk ve 100 farklı cevap aldık:

in these years Lennin and other artists were doing sculpture. they were doing the comunist leader like karl max.

olympia is clearly a street bitch.
Furthermore, Olympia was a slut, and it is known that she is in somewhere in street

he reflects "Haussmanization" of Paris. It means postmodernization.

...they used to see the naked woman figure which are goodness like Afrodit and sexy somebody from daily life disturb them. 

Duchamp challenged the very idea of art and claimed that anything you see in a supermarket can be presented as works of art.

It is recommended to young and pregnant women not to see Olympia.

Showing Olympia to the public in the Salon is like playing Britney Spears to Jimi Hendrix and expect him to like it. I'm not saying Monet was similar to Spears, which would be very weird, but what I'm saying is there were huge differences between Manet's Olympia and public eye at that time. 

Nude has a very common subject matter but artists drew dream-like nudes or goddesses like Venus or Titian. In one of Ingre's works we see Titian as a nude lady.  

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