Salı, Şubat 01, 2005

How Can You Simplify Your Life?

Avsar, you can simplify your life by cutting back on engagements

You're a people person who loves hanging out and socializing. You might even be known for throwing a few memorable parties of your own. Maybe you love catching up on the latest news, swapping the latest gossip, or talking late into the night. Too bad you can't just become a full-time social butterfly!

It can be stressful enough trying to take care of business. Throwing a jam-packed social life on top of it all can make a person feel downright exhausted. So maybe it's time to scale back on the dinners, parties, and weekends away. Make an appointment with yourself and a bottle of bubble bath instead. And remember that it's OK to turn down an invitation now and then. Your friends will understand and it'll give you more to catch up on the next time you get together.

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