Çarşamba, Şubat 23, 2005

What's Your Eating Style?
Understanding your relationship to food

Avsar, you're an Erratic Eater

Erratic eaters like you tend to have erratic schedules on the whole, and tend to ingest their biggest meals, and heartiest snacks during the evening and nighttime hours. While your evening meal is what you focus most on — and sometimes it can occupy much of your night — how much you eat and when you eat your meals varies day to day. Eating three square meals a day is not your style. Instead, you are the type of person who usually skips breakfast or grabs something small. You also eat lunch at erratic times as well. One day you may eat a good meal at noon, while the next you might grab a handful of crackers at 4pm with dinner at 6pm.

While it's great that you're flexible, there are a number of nutritional downfalls to this style of eating. For one, you body doesn't function well when it's starved of food, which it would be if you weren't eating til those 4pm crackers. Your pattern suggests that it can be hard for you to keep track of what you're eating because the timing and quantity changes from day to day.

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